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Fastbase, what can we do with it?

As Thomas Hobbes said, who has the information has the power. And that’s what Google...
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The Local Guides, the pampered children of Google

Traveling to Mallorca will be wonderful. But, once in Mallorca, what else? In the forgetfu...
progressive web app
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Progressive Web App introduction

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to start our new course … Yes! We are back to wor...

How to add multiple Facebook Locations

As we told you before, the possibility of putting more than one location for your business...
diseño web profesional mariscos caballero
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A professional web design for Mariscos Caballero

At Multiplicalia we are experts in professional web design and search engine positioning. ...
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RGPD, how its update will affect us

¡Hi, everybody! Today we talk about laws. Yes, you have read correctly. But wait. At Multi...
future of e-commerce
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How is the future of e-commerce presented in 2018?

Hello everybody! We already talked to you a couple of days ago about how the world of e-co...
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Advertising on the Internet: where to invest in 2018 and why

E-commerce over there, e-commerce over here. This new way -or not so much new- of doing bu...