Hi everyone! The news from AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, are continuous. Recently we told you about how Google creates the new AMP stories format to dinamize the searchs. Now, they want to do the same in Gmail, creating the AMP for email.

What is AMP for email?

Google’s AMP format has always sought to make mobile pages render faster. But now Google is taking a step further with these new developments, AMP stories and AMP for email.

Originally, they can seem a rather strange combination, especially taking into account that there are not many people who complain about the speed of the email. However, Google believes that the AMP is the perfect format to modernize it.

The Gmail Product Manager, Aakash Sahney, wrote last week that with the AMP for email, all the information in the emails will be dynamic, updated and actionable. And, every day millions of people trust the email for information about flights, events, purchases, news, etc. Every day 270 billion emails are sent.

With the AMP for email, developers can add interactive content to emails. For example, a calendar, which would help us not to have to read a multitude of messages to find the time of a meeting.
nuevo amp para emailSimilarly, a message from the airline of your flight could contain updated information about it, or an online store could send you a survey that could be filled directly in the email, without having to go to another site.

Although Google has made some efforts, like the customizable action buttons, the reality is that the email has not changed much. In the end, to have success in email, it must have the support of the majority of Google’s competitors. 

For the moment, AMP for email is just available for developers who ask permission previously. It is expected that this year it will launch in Gmail. In Multiplicalia will be paying attention to all the news related with the AMP for email…See you soon!

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