Why sign up for the Online Marketing Course?

We are in the age of technology. And in this era, marketing is setting the rules of the game. But not so far known marketing. Ancient techniques are long gone. The focus is currently on the online mode. New tools, new names, new strategies… The multiplicalia Online Marketing course opens the door to this exciting world. Find out!

  • Date: according to availability.
  • Duration of the course : 1 week (20 hours).
  • Schedule: from 9:40 to 14:00, with a 20 minutes pause.
  • Place: Seville’s office, Luis Fuentes Bejarano Street, 60, Venue A3.
  • Price: €490.

You will leave knowing:

The latest in digital marketing, as well as the latest techniques and tools. In this course, the experts of multiplicalia will teach you how to operate with ease in the online environment, knowing all the terms and their application. You will renew the image of your website, making it more accessible to the world.


No. You don’t need to be a technology guru or have computer jargon on your vocabulary list. Our teachers will teach you everything, everything. From the basics to the most advanced terms. Just bring a good dose of fun and learning. (And nothing less!)

Anyone who is eager to discover new things. When we say anyone, we mean every individual born on our planet from the beginning of time to the present day. I mean, you!

Online Marketing Course Content

  • Marketing plan: creation, implementation and control of a strategy.
  • SEO and SEM: positioning your website in the main search engines.
  • Web analytics: measurement of the activity of your website.
  • Usability and Management: benefits and advantages of a “user friendly” website.
  • Video platforms, display advertising and social networks.
  • Mobile marketing: responsive design.
  • E-commerce and purchase funnel.
  • Start-Up: new business model.