Ecommerce maitenance

1. We attract traffic to your ecommerce

Writing up articles for your blog

Keep your clients informed, publish special offers, promotions and improve Google positioning.

Improve search engine positioning

Your shop SEO On Page optimised for Google as well as for all other main search engines. User friendly urls, sitemap, microdata….

Writing product specifications

We optimise and expand on the description of products and contents in your shop in order to improve search engine positioning.

SEM adverts

Your online shop will be designed to enable you to measure the detailed results and statistics from SEM campaigns. Our objective are not visitors, but results.

Email marketing campaigns

Create customer loyalty via special offers and periodic promotions or news of interest.
Don’t let your clients forget about you!

Social Networks

We create and personalise corporate accounts on social networks where your potential clients can be found: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube etc.

2. We analyse the behaviour of your users

Recording user experiences

We use the most advanced tools on the market, which provides you with a competitive advantage.

Web analytics and monthly reports

Control all the analytics relating to your visitors, orders, most widely sold products, most successful discounts… with just a few simple clicks. We also include Google Analytics.

Heat maps
See what your online shop users are clicking on. What’s working and what’s not, and make changes to increase sales.

Scroll maps

These show you where on your website your users are scrolling to, and helps you see which part of the shop they tend to depart from.

3. We change your ecommerce and improve user experience

Continuous improvements in both design and functionalities

Professional design optimised for the sale of products online. Whatever your sector, we provide you with the very best professional design solution.

A/B testing

We design two alternatives in key sections or processes. Every 50% of users will see one or other of the alternatives. After measuring the results, we implement the best option.

If you are interested in contracting the design of an online shop, contact us. If you are in Sevilla, you can come by our office and meet with us in person. We are in calle Luis Fuentes Bejarano 60 Local A3, in Sevilla Este.

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