If there is something that in Multiplicalia, experts in online stores, we know, it’s that Facebook, besides being the most used social network in the world , wants to win to the rest of social networks and platforms on the internet : blogs, news, buying and selling, videos … and, now, it’s attacking to those dedicated to job search. Proof of this is that the social networking giant recently announced that it will launch its own employment portal, Facebook Jobs.

Facebook Jobs, a super mass employment portal

If we think about it calmly, this new function Facebook Jobs is pretty coherent : the fastest and easiest way to connect people with companies is through the platform most used by both.

employment portal massive Facebook jobs

Not a novelty

This option was already launched in the United States and in Canada last year. The novelty is that they are going to expand it to more than 40 countries on all continents, including Spain . Now companies will not need to have a profile in various employment platforms waiting for one of their users (less than Facebook) to be the ideal candidate for the position.

Direct and immediate communication

Another point in favor of this initiative is that the company will be able to contact the claimant directly through the Messenger app by organizing interviews and detailing things further. While it is true that other job search portals have a chat system , it is certainly not as optimized and will not work as fast as the Mark Zuckerberg one.

Another advantage is that users who are looking for employment in a field, can configure notifications to notify them with each new offer or modification of them. On the part of the companies, there will also be filters so that your ads can reach the right people.

employment portal all Facebooj jobs

Free, of course

This new feature will be free for both companies and for those seeking employment, although those companies that wish to may pay so that their ads reach more people.

The final colophon

If you did not know this information, now you will know: companies that look for employees, once they receive the resumes, usually visit the profiles of the plaintiffs to see more information about them . And we all want to hire the person who best reflects what we want to teach to others as a company. This new feature will providenew tools to control how they are displayed”. It will be, in short, a more complete and professional profile.

Facebook is exceeded every day, and entering the employment sector is one of the few fields of social networks that were missing to cover.

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