As we told you before, the possibility of putting more than one location for your business was brought by Google My Business, leaving behind in this field the social network Facebook. However, recently enabled this option, making it easier to communicate to the world where to find all our stores, places, bars … without having to create different pages for each. Today, in Multiplicalia, experts in web development and online positioning, we tell you how to add Facebook locations for your businesses.

Add more Facebook locations to find us

And it is one of the things that was missing from Facebook to make life easier for businesses and their customers. It does not make sense that, if the company is the same, the products are the same, the audience is the same, etc … you have to have more than one page just because of the problem of Facebook locations. So we’ll go step by step so that your business is up to date.

How to add multiple Facebook locations step by step

  1. Access to your company page.
  2. Click on the configuration button that appears in the upper bar, on the right.
  3. In the left side menu, at the bottom, the “Locations” tab appears. You have to click there. If by a chance it does not appear, then you have to previously configure the location of your business.facebook locations
  4. If this is the first time you are going to upload your business to Facebook, regardless of whether, when you set up the page for the first time, you added some or not, you get a message that you have to delete the existing address. This is only recommended for businesses that have more than one location. If you have opinions and classifications, you will have to hide them.
    facebook locationsThis is due to the fact that, for each new location, a new page will be created on Facebook, where customers will be able to leave their qualifications of the location, store or branch in concrete, without affecting the rest. Of course, the publications that are made from the main page will be automatically appended to the subpages of the different locations.
  5. The easiest way to add these locations is manually, where you can specify address, zip code, local number (if necessary), phone and time. Keep in mind that you have to give a new name to the Facebook address. For example, if we create an address in Madrid, an idea would be to call it in the following way:
  6. And … voila! Once you have all the new locations ready, you will see a tab on the main Facebook side menu where, after clicking, you can see all the locations of your company. If you click on a particular one, it will redirect you to the new page created from it.

facebook locations


We hope that with this mini tutorial it will be easier for you to communicate to your clients where you are. But it is more recommended for those large businesses, with many locations. Stay tuned for the next Multiplicalia post, as we will keep you abreast of the news of the world of online marketing as good experts in web design and positioning that we are.


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