As Thomas Hobbes said, who has the information has the power. And that’s what Google wants us to have: power. But not authoritarian or destructive power, but power to improve. That’s what the Google Analytics extension called Fastbase is about and today, in Multiplicalia, experts in web design and online positioning, we’ll talk about it.

What Fastbase consists of

As we have said before, Fastbase is an extension of Google Analytics that provides extra information, for example, to know which companies are those that visit our website, the country they belong to and much more that we will develop next


Its usefulness, a point in favor

This tool is very useful for B2B (Business to Business or Business to Business), businesses in which your customers are other companies. The reason is simple: if your customers are individuals, the information provided by this extension is not more than the cookies provided by your website. Being a business, it provides you with your company email, LinkedIn profile (if you have one), contact telephone number, etc …

In addition, we can see who has visited our website directly and who has done it through the search engine, either by typing something that we offer or if they have done it through content generated by us (post, images, social networks, etc.). ..). And yes, we will have to pay for it.



Different Fastbase plans

As it is well known, nothing is free. Although we can have a free plan that gives us some information about these customers, such as the name of the company, country of origin and the date on which they visited us. A control information and completely orientative.














With all this information, we can make plans and make decisions, such as trying to contact them to propose specific plans (depending on the type of company and the products or services that we offer) thus converting a lead into a sale, this being the purpose of the information provided by Fastbase.

Of course, when we say contact them, we do not refer directly. If that person has not left your mail expressly for you to get in touch with, you better not do it. But there are ways in which we can attract them.

We put an own example: we are dedicated to web design, and we note that many people who work in companies in the world of food visit us. We could launch an offer for online food and beverage stores, with which we will surely attract these potential customers.

Although it is a very useful tool, not all companies know how to manage or interpret the information that this and others provide. In Multiplicalia, experts in web design and search engine positioning, we offer our clients years of experience in the sector to help them and achieve the best results. You can contact us to resolve any doubts.

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