Hello everybody! We already talked to you a couple of days ago about how the world of e-commerce is evolving. And we were clear: electronic commerce is growing gradually. But, how uncertain the future of e-commerce is? From Multiplicalia we tell you and we warn you: that 2018 does not catch you off guard!

The future of e-commerce for 2018

Here we present the most relevant conclusions drawn from the study “Evolution and Perspectives of e-commerce for 2018” (Kanlli and D / A Retail), in which 285 e-commerce were surveyed.

Will it be sold more or less online?

futuro del e-commerce

Buying online is no longer a novelty. And this is reflected in the opinions of professionals. It is predicted growth in sales, but less spectacular than last year (22% compared to 33% in 2017).

Even so, there are some sectors that will see their sales grow like weed. These are the e-commerce of Tourism and Rent A Car, as well as those of Appliances, Home and Garden. By contrast, the industries that expect their sales to decrease are those of Fashion and Education.

Will we spend more money online?

The amount of money we normally spend when we buy online will remain stable. More than half of respondents believe that the average ticket will not vary at all. The other half, almost completely, trust that, if they grow, they will do so by a maximum of 25%. This makes sense. Changing the value of the average ticket is somewhat more complicated. To do this, you should use the tools that we discussed once: the techniques of up-selling and cross-selling.

Stability in sales through mobile

futuro del e-commerce

Mobile marketing is happening. However, according to the study, three quarters of respondents do not expect changes in mobile sales. Although it is interesting to put the eye in the room of the remaining e-commerce. This group expects that, from their total sales, between 25% and 50% will come from mobile devices. This can lead us to think that, those e-commerce integrated with mobile devices, see the results reflected in their income.

Invest in the Internet or not invest? That is the question.

Investing in digital marketing, if you had asked a couple of years ago, was crazy. However that has changed. Now, it is mandatory to increase your budget for online marketing. We do not say it, the data says. In 2018, investment in online marketing will have an increasing behavior. Larger companies will be the ones that invest the most. And those of smaller size, those that less.

Speaking of names. The e-commerce of Financial Services, Banking and Insurance will be the ones that spend the most budget, along with the MarketPlaces. In these sectors, no e-commerce expects to reduce investment. In Education, although 70% of respondents expect to increase the budget, they will be the least spend.

futuro del e-commerce

These are some of the strokes of what can happen with e-commerce in 2018. But, from the saying to the fact there is a stretch. Maybe the forecasts are fulfilled or maybe not. Anyway, do not worry, we’ll tell you about it. So stay connected, and see you next Monday! If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Greetings!

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