Hello everyone! We return to the routine after finishing our web design course . Our first post after these two weeks is to give you tips for improving the sales of your online store , specifically, 4 ways to build online customer loyalty. Do not miss them, they can help you a lot!

Four ways to build online customer loyalty

Online commerce is growing, and the competition does not stop growing either. To overcome them, it is best to always have your customers happy , with a quality product, fast service, etc. However, these points may not be enough, and we may need new tactics to make online customers loyal, like these ones we show you.

Try before buying

His name says it all. It’s about offering this option in your online store, so your customers can try the product before buying it . This makes the client feel that they trust him, creating a circle of trust.

Another great benefit of this method is that the customer will be less worried about their money . Normally the distrust at the time of making a first online purchase is very large, with this method we eliminate it. The customer will only keep the products they want .

One brand that has launched this option is ASOS, one of the largest online clothing stores. In the last Christmas campaign they offered this option with the payment method through Klarna, and they made their sales increase by 23% in comparison with the previous year.

fidelizar clientes online asos

Explain the benefits of loyalty

The online customer loyalty programs are a good set of tools to retain consumers and increase sales. In fact, a 84% of consumers are more likely to choose a brand if they have a loyalty program. Moreover, 68% of millennials claim not to be loyal to a brand if they do not have one .

However, many consumers do not participate in these programs because they are not aware that they exist . Therefore, as important as having a good loyalty program, is to communicate and promote its benefits.

As an example we leave you the page of the ‘UO Rewards’ of Urban Outfitters . Instead of simply explaining the program and its details, give a real example of how to use your program and the benefits.

fidelizar de clientes online uo rewards

Real appreciation

There are other much simpler options, but they can also be effective. One of them is to express gratitude to your buyers, both new and those who have already purchased.

When you make a purchase, you usually send an automatic confirmation message. A simple alternative is to convert this email into a ‘Thank you’ . It really is not something very shocking, but it is the basis to build an email marketing strategy in which to display this gratutid for longer.

If promotional codes are included, or emails to celebrate a birthday or purchase anniversary, the better. In any case, this will show the customer who is valued, which will reinforce a positive attitude towards the brand .

Total transparency

There are many cases of companies that become transparent once they have to admit a failure . This tactic can be effective in the short term, but it does not inspire much confidence. The ideal is to be transparent from the beginning .

Transparency generates confidence, since it assures consumers what to expect . Especially if a brand goes beyond and exceeds expectations of what they should do.

An example of this is Everlane, clothing brand whose philosophy is ‘radical transparency’ . This includes breaking down prices in terms such as import or manufacturing . The idea is that the client can see exactly what he is paying for.

With transparency as the basis of its strategy, Everlane has created an honest brand reputation, which in the end will result in its customers trusting them more and buying again.

fidelizar de clientes online everlane

You know, apply these techniques for online customer loyalty , and increase your sales throughout the year. If you have any questions, you can comment below or contact us . See you soon!

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