If there is something that characterize Social Media nowadays is the speed of communication and the closeness that creates between the users. Therefore, either the companies or individuals, use them ever more to inform (companies) and to be informed about the latest novelties (individuals). Instagram Shopping  is now a reality. Today in Multiplicalia, the experts at e-Commerce designing and web positioning, we will talk about it.

Instagram Shopping agilize the buying process

It´s strange to find a person who doesn´t follow any company. We use it as catalogues to see what products we like and to know what are the ultimate releases of our favourite brands. And if we don´t follow it, we look for their profiles when we want to buy something. Now, this process of searching and redirection to other website to finish the shopping, has died.

instagram shopping españa

The requirements are nothing earth-shattering

We mean that you neither need to be a PhD in Molecular Physics nor have been to International Space Station to sell your products by Instagram Shopping. The only thing you need is to have a company profile, to sell physical products, connect your catalogue to your Facebook account, Shopify or BigCommerce, to have, at least, nine publications (to activate the buying function) and last, although it could be the first requirement, to have the last version of the app.

instagram shopping españa

From now, what you should do is the same as always: upload a photo with your product, tag a product (just like if you tagged a person) and choose what product you want to tag. ¡Easy!

What´s in the future

The Instagram Shopping methodology could be applied to influencers by creating their own catalogues with products they promote, allowing the companies to reach more people. And just like that there will be no more questions of where to buy the product, what´s the price etc.

Also for concerts, movies and events, the promotion in Social Media achieves more people that in other medias. The possibility to acquire your tickets directly from this type of publication will help you to obtain more reach and more repercussion.

instagram shopping españa

Instagram Shopping was a great hit in the United States. In a short time, we´ll speak about a worldwide success. Remember that in Multiplicalia, the experts at e-Commerce designing and web positioning, we can help you to grow by using, among other tools, the Social Media. If you need any type of information or help, don´t hesitate to contact us.

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