Traveling to Mallorca will be wonderful. But, once in Mallorca, what else? In the forgetfulness are the hotel + visit + dinner in local restaurant packs … And that is, the 21st century tourist does not like to be taken for a fool. Before, we had some tricks to avoid tourist-trap sites. For example, nothing to sit in a restaurant with the dishes cooked as an exhibition at the entrance. Or always ask recommendations to your acquaintances before launching into adventure. But of course, what if you did not know anyone who had gone there before? That is over. There is someone who knows you almost better than your mother and who has visited every corner of the planet. It could not be otherwise: we talk about Google and more specifically, the local guides. From Multiplicalia, we bring you today something that interests you very much.


local guides

“It occurs to me that we can go here for dinner, honey.” You hear several times during the trip. And even if it costs you a discussion, you know that in most cases, what Google and its local guides say will take priority. What you may not know is that these “disinterested” recommendations are not so. They are not kind people who dedicate their time for the sake of others. The local guides receive something in return. You’ve heard correctly: opinions have a prize.

Level five? You are the king of the mambo

Yes. As if it were a game, if you give an opinion about a place, you will receive points. The more reviews you post about the sites you go to, the more points you will earn. And those points will translate into benefits for you.

If you have 0 to 4 points, you are among the level 1 local guides. If your points total between 5 and 49, you are a local level 2 guide. You will reach level 3 if you have between 50 and 199 points. At level 4 you will arrive with more than 200 points and less than 499 and, at the level most desired by the local guides, the fifth, if you surpass 500 points.


I give my opinion, and what does Google give me?

Your help will be rewarded But these awards will depend on the level at which you are.

local guides

  • Level 1: You will receive a newsletter from Local Guides, where you will have access to internal information.
  • Level 2: You will be the first to try some Google products and features.
  • Level 3: You will obtain the official Local Guides badge on Google, so that your name begins to be recognized among travelers. You can also connect with other Local Guides in the Google+ community. You will also receive invitations to events organized by Google.
  • Level 4: You will be presented with free storage in Google Drive and you will be featured in the Local Guides online channels.
  • Level 5: You will become a Google Insider, which will allow you to test products before their launch and attend the Local Guides summit.

What to do to be part of the Local Guides community?

You must meet certain requirements: be of legal age, have a Google account and register in the program.

From there, you just have to throw in. Open your profile and press the button that invites you to contribute. You will be immediately redirected to Google Maps and you will see a tour of all the places you have visited in recent days. Do not be scared and “be happy”. Take advantage of this to not squeeze your brains to remember where you were and where not, and start earning points!

local guides

Now you know. It only takes your generosity to help other happy feet hit the nail when they travel. Because nobody here has talked about making a profit, right? See you in the next post, multiply! And remember, if you need help with web development and everything that involves, contact us!


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