Hello everyone! This week we continue a bit with the theme of luxury marketing. If last week we gave you luxury ecommerce strategies, today we give a new twist and focus on the world of influencers.

Think of luxury. Surely, the first thing that comes to your mind is related to exclusivity, prestige, category. And these are the reasons why the senior officials in the sector are afraid. An influencer? Online luxury, open to everybody? You are right. Not since a long time, but this group has been betting on the past few months on the influencers. The reasons? Keep reading.

Reasons why more and more luxury brands collaborate with influencers

Social media makes luxury accessible

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But can not this lead to a less exclusive image of the brand? This was the reason for many years why the large houses in the sector did not contemplate having presence in social media. Proof of this is that, according to a study conducted by Fashion & Beauty Monitor and Econsultancy, about half of the brands that work with influencers have not even been doing it for a year.

But that has changed. 76% recognize using influencers. It is just a way to expand, so that anyone anywhere in the world can see the products, compare them, research and comment on them. And we can not forget the interaction. Being able to create a close dialogue with consumers gives the opportunity to find new market segments.

Authenticity comes from the hand of the influencer (but not anyone)

It is important in this sector to know who you are working with. At the level of influential people, it is the middle-level influencers that generate the most impact. Or in other words, influencers of market niches, microinfluencers … As Luis Díaz explains in his book Soy Marca, a person with a small but faithful community of followers is infinitely more powerful. 60% of luxury companies say they work with this type of influencers, compared to 17% who do with those with masses of followers.

Marketing de lujo
TAG Heuer campaña con la deportista Olga Danilovic

Campaigns focused on generating content

Most luxury companies consider vital for the influencer to be involved in the launch of new products, as well as the creation of promotions and content. And all have something clear: no big campaigns. These brands opt for subtle, original and creative content, very creative. Always giving our collaborators freedom to express themselves according to what their followers expect.

Best way to know the ROI

Being the measurement of ROI the big black hole in social media marketing, working with influencers makes measuring the return on investment somewhat easier. Around 60% of luxury brands consider income generation as a useful measure of success, as opposed to only 40% of brands from a different sector.

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Therefore … what is the future of influencer in luxury marketing?

With 66% of luxury brands expectingtheir budget to increase next year, it seems to be a bright future. Although there are still reticence in this world and plenty of things remain to be done, the bravest and visionary brands bet on joint collaborations as a key factor in their marketing strategy.

If you still have any questions or want to satisfy your curiosity about the fascinating world of social media, do not hesitate and contact us. See you in the next post!

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