Hello everyone! Do you remember the first mobile, heavy as concrete slabs? It has rained since then, and a lot. So much so that children do not come with bread anymore, but with a mobile phone under their arms. Markets have changed, consumers have changed, companies have changed. And logically, marketing has not been left behind. Of course, it could not be otherwise, has coined a word of love that they like so much: mobile marketing. Or what is mobile marketing. From Multiplicalia, experts in online store design, we like to keep up to date with what is being talked about, so let’s do it!

Trends in mobile marketing

Machine Learning

The first trend is about a science that creates systems that learn automatically. Or what has been a device that identifies patterns among millions of data. An application of this are the recommendations of specific products for each client in the purchase process.


They are artificial intelligence softwares, capable of simulating conversations in a “human” way. In most cases, these chats focus on customer service. An example? How not, Apple. The technology company par excellence offers an instant chat service to its clients to solve their doubts or problems.


Speech recognition

Siri, Bixby or as-want-to-call our virtual assistant 24/7. Because we want to save time and effort, more and more people abandon typing on their mobile phones and choose to have a conversation with them. In figures: for 2020 it is expected, according to Google Analytics studies, that half of the searches will be made by voice.

Effective mobile marketing strategy, it is possible (and simple)

Mobile Marketing

One thing is clear. The mobile presses hard. And if you are one of the “see to believe”, you will be interested to know that more than 50% of the traffic comes from these devices. So, do not hesitate: now more than ever, with these new trends in mobile marketing, it is crucial that you spend time and effort to achieve a mobile marketing that is up to par. The steps you must follow for this are the following:

1. Contextualized and adapted ads

Contextualized: “the content is the king and the context is the kingdom”. Bet on ads that follow the philosophy and image of the company. Abandons general campaigns that can be directed to anyone and thus, you will reach a specific audience that will report a better conversion rate.

Adapted: personalize the ads according to the device in which they appear. In this way, you will only have a single ad that will adapt to each screen.

2. Quality User Experience

Offer a comfortable, intuitive and fast navigation through the website. As of April 21, Google will change the rules of the game. This means that, if your company is optimized for computers, but not for mobile devices, your organic search ranking on those devices will fall precipitously. An example of an outstanding user experience is Nike.

3. Measurement of interactions

80% of consumers inquire about the products through their smartphone. Therefore, we must not only measure whether the user clicks or not. You have to monitor your journey with a magnifying glass: from entering through the door of our website until you perform the desired action.


These are our tips to create a mobile marketing strategy that reports benefits. We can not predict the future of the mobile field, but we can get on the train. Who knows? Maybe in the future, man’s best friend will stop being the dog and become the mobile. Until then, dedicate time and effort and let the wave of change not catch you off guard. And remember, if you have any questions, contact us. See you in the next post!

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