Hello everyone! It’s already here, fresh out of the oven! After a year of waiting, we update our analysis of most used social networks in 2018, to see which are the most carried this year. Will there be changes and surprises? So that you can compare it, we leave here the analyzes of previous years.

Like other years, these data have been collected from Statistic Brain and expandedramblings.com. All refer to AUM or active users per month. Some of these data are provided by companies, others are estimates based on your income and expenses, but they are undoubtedly the most reliable data. Without further delay, we leave you with the infographic and the ranking of social networks most used in 2018, if you are going to use the infographic, remember to link us!

What are the most used social networks in 2018?

In this last year there has been hardly any movement in the ranking. Slight rises down, and big ups in a year that has hardly brought news in terms of social networks is concerned, beyond the implementation of the stories on various platforms, even Google wants to include stories in their searches.


redes sociales mas usadas 2018

Facebook, at cruising speed

Following in its line, Facebook increases another 300 million users to reach 2,130 million AUM. An outrage, if we also take into account that around the planet we are, right now, 7.603 million humans. That is, 1 out of 4 humans connects to Facebook every month. Awesome.

Facebook una de las redes sociales más utilizadas por los usuarios

This year there have been no great news. Facebook has been focusing on fighting the ‘Fake News‘ in the wake of the elections in the US, proof of this is that we can no longer modify the snippet of the links we put on the social network. Even so, it seems that it has not been necessary to include news so that its users continue to grow.

Youtube, taking advantage of the ‘Youtuber’ phenomenon

After the slowdown last year, this year Youtube returns to give a great high, reaching up to 1,500 million AUM. Although for some it is a bubble that will explode at any moment, it is clear from YouTube, at the moment, it has good health. Surely they will also be grateful to the Spanish program Operación Triunfo.

nuevo logo de youtube, una de las redes sociales más usdas de 2018

Since since it began in September, it has made the videos of its channel see 430,000,000 times, with almost 400,000 subscribers. In fact, to take advantage of the pull, have uploaded all the videos of the first edition of the program, a gift for the nostalgic.

As for the platform itself, no major changes have been made either. Following a line similar to that of Facebook, they have focused on trying to eliminate inappropriate content from their platform. Something that has not sat well with some renowned Youtubers, but that YouTube considers important.

Instagram, trying to follow the wake

Instagram continues with its growth rate, reaching up to 800 million AUM. Next year we do not rule out that it is the third social network to surpass the trillion monthly users, not bad

instagram shopping

After the incorporation of the stories last year to fight with Snapchat, Instagram changes have been minor. The most remarkable thing is the continuation of the tests of Instagram Shopping, the tool so that brands can sell their products better. When it finally comes out for us to use, it will almost certainly boost your number of users.

LinkedIn, entrenched in the fourth position

Once again, users continue to rely on LinkedIn as their professional social network, and exceed for the first time the 500 million AUM, 530 specifically. This growth affirms it as the fourth most used social network in the world.

LinkeDin es otra de las redes sociales más utilizadas por las personas

However, it is the social network that has made the most changes during this year. First it was a change of image and navigation, and from the summer came other changes in usability and functions. Changes like teaching the person’s information just by hovering over the cursor or see contacts of your contacts as future clients.

Google + goes up again

After having lowered the previous year, Google + again rise in users, reaching 395 million. It is not a big climb, but it allows you to keep the fifth place in this ranking, contrary to what we could have predicted last year.

logo de google plus, una de las redes sociales más usadas en 2018

However, the news of Google + this year have not been very broad either. It has introduced new filters of publications and changes in its search engine, something that could have been before, they are Google for a reason, the search engine par excellence. Having seen it, we dare not make predictions about where Google + will be next year.

Snapchat, going up a step

The Snapchat user data is estimated, since this year is not available. We have assumed that the growth in AUM is equal to that of AUD, daily users. The latter have gone from 158 million to 187 million. Assuming this, the estimated number of Snapchat’s AUM is 356 million.

logo de snapchat, una de las redes sociales más usadas en 2018

It is a rather poor growth if we compare it with that of its competitors, mainly Instagram. Its main changes have come in design, separating the content of the brands from your contacts. However, it seems that this change has not liked its users much, and is that more than 1,200,000 users have signed to return to the previous one.

Twitter, fighting to survive

Although the American president Trump is a faithful user of Twitter, it seems that the social network of the bird does not raise head. Although it rises, the AUM of Twitter have reached “only” up to 330 million, being overtaken by Snapchat.

And they will not be because they do not try, since this year there have been news. The most striking, without a doubt, has been the end of the 140 characters by tweet, going to 280. With this change they intend to give more vitality to the network, and that people can express their ideas better. Due to this fact, they have improved the creation of threads, which come to be chains of tweets.

Before you had to make them answering yourself, now we have a “create thread” button. Better. However, as we say, it seems that it is not enough to increase users. We will see what a turn of the nut they give to the social network during this year to be able to grow more and better. Here we will be to tell you.

Twitter es una red social de las más usadas hoy en día por las personas

This is all! So far our ranking of the most used social networks in 2018. Remind you that we do not include WhatsApp since we consider it a messaging app, not a social network. We also consider “global” networks, since there are some in China that also have millions of users, but mainly from that country.

We hope you have found it interesting, next year we will come back again to see how things have changed. Will Twitter get back on track? Will YouTube go down? Will Instagram be trillion users? Here we will be to check it, see you soon!

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