Having an online store makes it much easier to reach more people. But it is not easy. There are many who stay by the way. Others that fail to adapt to the new requirements that mark the technologies and the visitors themselves. This is where the user experience analysis comes in.

The user experience so as not to be left behind

The user experience is, roughly speaking, the process carried out by the user when interacting with (in this case) the web. Today we are going to talk about the last jump Nike has taken in this aspect.

Less is more

To date, virtual stores have followed the trend of minimalism: few elements that distract the attention of visitors, emphasizing individual photos and galleries in which you had to go clicking or sliding to see more. Nike has been planted. Less clicks. Fewer buttons. Now they show us all the images continuously, having only to look away.


experiencia de usuario producto

This, in addition to reducing work to customers, makes it easier to see non-consecutive images, which with the methods used until now was tedious, having to swipe or click on several buttons for it. The same goes for the different selection parameters: size, color, etc … Less buttons, faster.

Mini clips y gifs, more info

What we all want when we buy is to have as much product information as possible. By the internet, this task is more difficult, since we do not have physical access to the product. For this reason, the addition of short video clips or gifs provide us with extra information about the product, such as the flexibility, texture and behavior of the garment when someone wears it.


It also brings less obvious modifications

Less noticeable, yes. But equally or more important. The purchase button, for example, is no longer called “add to cart” (in its version for English-speaking countries), but “add to bag”. After analyzing the different options, they found that calling it a bag instead of a car / cart produced a greater number of conversions. The same with the size and current color of the button: bigger and black instead of the already old orange.
experiencia de usuario naranja

From Multiplicalia we have to say that, with the change of color of this button, the view has gone to the product. This can be good or not, since the purpose of everything is to get more sales. Although if Nike has taken this decision is that they have their reasons.

Another change has been the elimination of customer ratings on products. Instead, they have enabled a section to share the looks of those who buy Nike. The message is clear: our products are good and we know it, and those who buy are satisfied.


experiencia de usuario look

But they are not the only ones analyzing the user experience

In Multiplicalia, experts in design and web management to launch sales, we use a tool which tracks the behavior of random visitors to the websites of our different clients through heat maps and videos, then analyze them, draw conclusions and improve the user experience for future visitors.

Another system used by other companies, as it is the case of Nike, has been the A / B Testing, which involves exposing visitors to one of the two different web pages (web A and B). Then the behavior and yields offered in both are analyzed to finally decide which design or which parts produce the best results.


experiencia de usuario abtest

In short, Nike has taken a leap forward and has managed to differentiate from its main competitors, in addition to having managed to innovate in the field of online store design. We are sure that in a short period of time many others will follow their example and expose more for the visitor to do less.

If you need help or information about the user experience on your website or online store, do not hesitate to contact us.

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