There are innumerable statistics that highlight the importance of online reviews. Today, 85% of people read them and say they trust them more than personal recommendations and 31% of them spend more money on companies that have excellent online reviews.

It is clear that online reviews can significantly influence buying decisions. How can we encourage our clients to write them down? In Multiplicalia, online store design experts, here are some tips on how to ensure the involvement of consumers and we talk about the benefits that entail.


You have to be present in different pages of online reviews

There are many websites where users can read online reviews, such as Google Reviews or Yelp. On each page the reviews may be different, while in one it is good to talk about one business, it is possible that in another the opposite is true.

Since people may have different preferences regarding online review pages, presence on multiple sites is so important that consumers can choose the page with which they feel more affinity and convenience when using.


Offer options and guidance

Giving the option to choose the online review page is not the only important thing. You also have to offer the option of how to review, that includes options for a detailed review or a short feedback. Using emoticons that indicate satisfaction or disappointment can be a very effective tool. In this way users who do not have time for a more detailed online review, may also participate.

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Another tip is to guide the user on how to review, for example asking specific things about the product, since the user may feel unsure of what to include in the review. Giving guidance can encourage consumers to take action and even leaving a more detailed review that otherwise they would not have done.

Instill confidence

In recent years, a significant amount of false reviews made users’ confidence in the authenticity of the brands diminish. That is why many of the brands point to their users with a “verified buyer” label that means that the person has actually made the purchase.

Another factor that helps to instill confidence, although it does not sound credible, is to leave the negative reviews along with the positive ones. Negative reviews written in an educated manner can improve the perception that customers have about the brand. That’s because a little negativity helps the brand look more human.


Answer the comments

Negative comments leave the opportunity to respond (always politely), which also helps to instill confidence.

A recent study highlighted the advantages of responding to online reviews, suggesting that doing so could increase the position in the ranking. The study was based on TripAdvisor and found that businesses that respond to user comments receive 12% more reviews and their ranking has increased. They also found that responding businesses are less likely to get a negative review, either because people want to avoid an uncomfortable interaction or because the perception of the brand has changed.

Make use of Social Networks

While most companies rely on online reviews of their own page, Social Networks are also a very useful tool. In particular, local businesses can benefit from Facebook reviews, where the number of written reviews is getting bigger, also because it is the most used social network in the world.

Facebook scores are also visible in Google searches, which means that the user can now have an immediate indication of the presence of the brand.

However, Twitter can also be a social network that is worth using for immediate feedback. You can tweet a specific question by letting people give their opinions and thus help in the decision making of the company.

Turn your customers into your ambassadors

It is clear that online reviews can instill confidence and improve the reputation of the brand, but they are not the only benefits. The reviews can be used as an improvement tool, as well as to find possible ambassadors.

While influencers tend to promote the brand, ambassadors can offer greater authenticity, since they are not usually paid for support and simply love the brand for their past experiences.

So if someone is particularly enthusiastic about your brand or leaving reviews regularly it may be worth offering to be a brand ambassador.

reseñas online

These are some ways to make people leave your opinions, but if you want them to be good, you must offer a quality product according to the price you put. If you have any questions, you can comment or contact us. See you soon!

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