Hello everyone! In case you did not know, Instagram is still the third most used social network in 2018, behind Facebook and YouTube. Hence, it is a powerful weapon for companies, as argued by Forbes magazine. And of course, we could not miss our annual post about the best hours to post on Instagram.

Like everything in this life, Instagram has evolved over time. Each year, it changes its algorithm, its search patterns and the profiles of its users. That’s why we update our post with the best hours to post on Instagram. In it we talked about the best hours and the worst hours, as well as the best days. For the post this year, we will use the accounts that we manage from our clients as examples. Let’s see what the 2018 statistics tell us!

The best hours to post on Instagram

Each of the companies that come to Multiplicalia is a world, which is why their Instagram accounts differ in several aspects. We wanted to take three companies from completely different industries. Thus, we observe that even by dedicating ourselves to different activities, we can find common features in all of them.

Instagram Account 1

publicar en instagram

Publicar en Instagram mejores horas


First let’s focus on the hours. There is something clearly remarkable in all, there are many more people in the afternoon, from 15:00 and until 00:00. If last year we saw that it was very important to publish at 3pm on weekdays, this year it does not seem that good.

Instagram Account 2

mejores horas para publicar en instagram

mejores horas para publicar en Instagram

Although there are days that these peaks are repeated, it is no longer so regular. Our recommendation is that you publish no matter what in the afternoon. The time will depend on each day of the week, you will have to be aware of what works best for you.

Instagram Account 3

mejores horas publicar en instagram

mejores horas para publicar en instagram

As for the dead hours, it seems that this year are more. From 00:00 to 09:00, publishing will be in vain. We see that in some cases, there may be people starting at 12:00, but it is not very common. As we have said before, publish in the afternoon whenever possible. If not, do not post anything before 10-11 if you want it to reach a lot of people.

And what about the best days of the week to post on Instagram?

Either because you do not publish every day or because you want to get the most out of your higher quality content, you have to know what days will make your publications have greater reach. It seems that it is the best to publish between Tuesday and Friday.

On weekends people use less mobile phones, Mondays are very lazy. Even so, our advice is to individually observe the statistics of your account. So, you will see what day suits you best.

We hope that our advice will help you and achieve, increases your commitment to publish on Instagram. If you have social networks and you want us to manage them or that you have an online store and do not know how to manage SEO positioning, get in touch with us and help yourself. See you in the next post!

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