At Multiplicalia we are experts in professional web design and search engine positioning. We have a lot of  back experience, and our clients know it. That is why the Seafood Mariscos Caballero contacted us to help them improve.

Simple, efficient and professional web design …

Rightly, the new website of Mariscos Caballero meets all the requirements that they asked us: online store, easy to use, quality images, blog … and multiplatform. That is, it is optimized for computers, smartphones and tablets.

… in WordPress

And is that this engine, WordPress, is ideal for stores which portfolio of products is not very broad at the level of online store. As always, we have worked from templates and, from there, the modifications are made. In addition, WordPress is ideal for the blog section, since it is more colorful and easy to edit, in addition,  is the best software for this.

A  hard work to get the best results

Our team has been working on the professional web design of the new online fishmonger to not leave any loose ends. Our programmers have put all the effort to achieve a UX (user experience) fluid, without obstacles or mistakes.

The rest of the team was seeing what could be improved and polished. It has been everyone’s work. In addition, when the client proposed us to add some new element, such as informative banners, we do it under their parameters. Among the most significant improvements, are that, now, the customer can see at all times the delivery date depending on the day of the week and the time at which you are going to place the order.


professional web design

The products are shown either by pieces or by kilos, depending on the type of product it is, as well as the amount of weight remaining to reach 3 kilograms, weight from which the shipment is free to the customer.

diseño web banner

Mariscos Caballero is a traditional company, with love for the product it treats. They only sell the best quality, a fact that is seen in each of the products, whether fish or seafood. We really liked to participate in this project, and we will continue with the maintenance of it.

If you need to give a face-lift to your Mariscos Caballero website, do not hesitate to contact us. In Multiplicalia we are characterized by personal treatment and better doing in professional web design and search engine positioning.


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