Hello everyone! Do you remember our web design course? The other day we talked about Progressive Web Apps, a novelty from Google that uses web technology to create an application that can be used even without an Internet connection. We explain it from the point of view of Android, but Apple is not far behind and also gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the PWA. So today, in the blog of Multiplicalia, experts in design and positioning of online stores, we explain the progressive web apps iOS for Apple lovers.

App Store no more

With the progressive web apps you can now install your applications without the App Store approval. That means you can publish the applications created by you. It can be very useful in companies that have an application for internal use. That may seem a bit confusing. If the application does not go through the App Store, how do I know I can use it safely? The applications only work under a browser or a security model and execution of a web platform. So, there will be restrictions on some functions like Face ID or ARKit for augmented reality.

But then, how do I install the application? Here technology still lacks a bit. To install it in some way you will have to go to the URL of the PWA and add it manually by clicking on the share icon and then “add to the home screen“. However, there will be no indication that the page you visit is PWA. Also, you can only do it from Safari. You can not install the PWA or use the services workers (do not know what they are? Look at our latest publication) or from Chrome, or from Firefox or any other browser. Hopefully that will change and the process will be much more agile in the not too distant future

progressive web apps ios

Progressive Web Apps vs iOS natives apps

  • PWA can only store offline up to 50 Mb
  • If the application has not been used for a few weeks, the iOS will release the app’s files. However, the icon will continue on the home screen and once it has been accessed again, it will be downloaded again.
  • Restricted access to some applications such as Bluetooth or Touch ID
  • PWAs do not have access to the user’s personal information, such as contacts or location
  • You do not have access to other Apple services, such as In App Payments
  • In IPad it will not be possible to share screen with other applications
  • No push notifications, no integration with Siri

Progressive Web Apps iOS vs Android

  • Android allows you to store more than 50 Mb
  • Android does not delete your files if you do not use the application
  • You can use Bluetooth in the Android PWAs
  • Android PWAs have voice recognition
  • Installation on Android is much easier. They use banners with invitations to download the app
  • iOS allows you to change the name of the app
  • In iOS it can be configured in a configuration profile, so in the case of corporate users you can receive direct access for companies

As we see the PWA in iOS are far behind compared to Android. They also have many bugs to repair. But let’s not forget that it is a new technology and everything needs its time. It only remains to hope that soon Apple users can enjoy it just as well as Android users.

progressive web apps iOS

We hope you liked today’s post. Leave us a comment commenting what you think the PWA. And remember that if you have any questions about web design, from Multiplicalia we are at your disposal. See you soon!

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