What is an SEO audit?


A SEO audit is an inspection carried out on your website capable of identifying a multitude of points that are not optimized, that is, that does not favor SEO positioning of your website.

It allows us to quickly and easily observe the SEO status of a website. Thanks to this, we can check if a lot of work is required so that the web is fully optimized (and get better SEO positioning) or, on the contrary, it can be done quickly.

How do we work?


When carrying out an SEO audit we use the Semrush payment program, a specific platform to carry out this type of audits.

It allows us to do a complete and exhaustive exam in a short time, providing us with a list of all the errors that damage the SEO positioning of your web page, as well as the warnings that it would be advisable to modify to improve. With all that information, we take the necessary measures so that your website is in better positions.

Benefits of a SEO audit


Once we know the level of optimization of your website, we can carry out different actions to get it to better positions in the search engine, that is, have a better SEO positioning.

Among its benefits, much work is saved only in the detection of problems. Instead of going page by page, product by product, checking that everything is properly optimized or pointing where the faults are to correct them, doing an audit streamlines the procedure.

Also, since the report presents several types of errors, it is very easy to organize the work to correct everything. For these reasons, the SEO Audit is the first work we do when optimizing a website.

What are the most typical mistakes?


Images without alt attributes: alt attributes are a small description of the image that helps the positioning of your website.

 No meta-descriptions done: meta-descriptions are similar to alt attributes, except that they are descriptions of the page, product category, product or article written.

Pages without H1 or with more than one H1: the H1 are the headings (titles) of the pages, categories and articles. They must have a single H1 so that the positioning is effective.

Status code 4XX: those pages that have errors of the family of 400, such as “error 404: page not found”.

Who do we do SEO audits for?


Do not worry about the type of web page or virtual store you have. In Multiplicalia we work with the main platforms of virtual stores, whether they are stores with a large number of products and categories such as those smaller and simple and blogs, such as Prestashop or WordPress.

It does not matter if you are self-employed, SME or large company. We work with the same professionalism and looking for the best results for all the needs and objectives you have.

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