In the web we will talk about a key point for web pages or online stores: SEO, Search Engine Optimization. The main objective of SEO is to appear in the top positions of Google. SEO has evolved over the past few years to reach what it is today. Previously, Google rewarded only the links, which created an unbridled struggle to achieve them, forgetting the quality of the content. That’s why, now for Google, content is king. When we talk about SEO, we must also know the different practices: White Hat SEO (follow the rules of Google, thinking about the user) and Black Hat SEO (techniques punishable by Google).

SEO, analysis tools

We explain in depth the techniques of SEO: find appropriate keywords (using Google Adwords, for example), create valuable and non-duplicated content, use a blog to create a community among your customers and build loyalty, optimize the headers of the website, use sitemaps , microdata and take care of the alternative text of images and metatags.

Herramientas para el análisis SEO

SEO and Usability, how to make them compatible

The user experience and the natural positioning in the search engines are not two elements in conflict, as it is sometimes thought. But a correct combination of both is important (it offers simple navigation, uses sitemaps, does not abuse keywords, offers quality content, avoids Flash and introduces microformats) leads to quality results.

Que es SEO for dummies. Primer artículo hablando de SEO

When you have created the blog, it is important to content marketing in which you have to take into account: design and structure of the web clear and manageable for the user, coherent keywords in terms of content, meta descriptions with strong calls to action , use of internal and external links, optimization of images, integration with social networks and control of our efforts (Google Analytics and Search Console).

Optimize image SEO to improve positioning

It is very important to take advantage of the power of the images to position ourselves: write in the alternative text what the image is about and add the keyword, resize it and make it as small as possible, create a title for the image -discarding the one that appears by default- and, to decrease the bounce rate, add a brief legend to your image.

web design course seo

Optimize SEO with category descriptions

Using the categories of the products to carry out SEO on-page requires: locating the keyword that we will use for each of them -through Google’s keyword planner, for example-, having friendly links (adding URLs to the keyword) and select a main image for it, assigning a name to it coinciding with the chosen keyword.

SEO Site Audit, what is it and what is it used for?

The SEO site audit is the identification of the elements froma website that are not optimized. This allows not only to solve the problems, but to organize said corrections saving working time.

SEO Linkbuilding

Linkbuilding it is the way to planing how to get more and better inbound links (backlinks) to a website. Where the quality has to be above the quantity. The strategy has to be focus on finding blogs or online newspaper with high SEO to put our link.


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