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Hi everyone! Next class on our web design course. Today we focus on WordPress installation, you will do it even if know nothing about programming.

Before installing WordPress


The first step is register in a hosting service, we are going to use a free hosting: https://es.000webhost.com/. We are going to need some information: User and password FTP, domain, DNS and IP direction. The next step it’s to create a database, we can do this in our hosting panel, and going to database page, and click in create database button. We need this information:

  • Database name
  • Database user
  • Database password
  • Host name

Now we can start wordpress installation.

Pre-installation of WordPress

There are two kind of wordpress, wordpress.org and wordpress.com. We are going to install wordpress.org. We can download here: https://wordpress.org/. The difference between both wordpress options is that WordPress.org is a free code software and we can modify the all code.

Once downloaded, we open Filezilla and introduce your FTP information. The next step is to unzip the wordpress.org file, once the file is unzipped, we upload it to our FTP space. Important: Don’t copy WordPress folder, copy the files inside.

Once all the files are uploaded, we can start the installation.

Installation of WordPress

To start the installation, we open the browser and introduce our domain

  • First, We can see a information screen, and we are going to click the button “let’s go”
  • The next screen show a form, here we are going to introduce database information. Once the correct data has been entered, a screen will appear with the button to execute installation.
  • The last step, we introduce user information, Administrator email and we can choose if our project are visible or not to search engine.
  • We accept terms and wordpress show our access information.

instalación wordpress poner datos base de datos

We can access to our wordpress panel here: http://midominio.es/wp-admin/. We introduce our user information and we are inside wordpress panel. Now we are going to install the chosen theme to our website.

We can use free theme or payment themes, when we use free theme, we must be careful because some themes have virus. We download the chosen theme, then we are going to install it, there are two ways to install them:

– The recommended option is using wordpress tools, we go to the left menu and click in appearance and then click in theme. On the top we are going to click in upload button. Once uploaded the theme, we activate it.

– Another way is using FTP program, we copy our theme in this folder “wp-content/theme” the next step is activate it.

Install WordPress plugins

WordPress works with plugins, they are smalls programs, they add functionalities. To install plugins we have two options:

– We can use wordpress panel, this is the better way. We click “plugins”. Here we can see the installated plugins. On the top click “add plugin”. Here we can see the list of plugins that we can install. We search the correct plugin and click install, Finally, press the activate button.

instalación de plugin en wordpress

Another way is to use FTP. We search the plugin a download in our computer, then we upload files using Filezilla. We are going to upload the file to te folder “wp-content/plugins”. When upload finished, we open wordpress panel in plugin’s page we activate it.

Create and modify pages and posts

editor de páginas wordpress

Now we are going to create page and post for our website. We click in “pages”, here we can see the pages we have created. We click “add page” and open a new screen. The first step is introduce Page’s title, then we can introduce the page’s content, we have 3 options:

– First option is to use a visual compososer plugin.

– Second option is to use the visual wordpress screen.

– The last option is use HTML screen , to use this option we need HTML knowledge CSS strylesheet.

The last step, on the right we click the button “publish”.

To create blog post use the same options as in pages, but within the post section. As in the page section when accessing entries, the list of created entries is displayed, and in the upper part of the screen add entry.

On the screen it comes out the option to put the title of the entry and then the content block of the entry, but in this case we only have two options:

– The first is the visual part of wordpress, which as I said in the previous section works as Word or openoffice.

– The second one is the HTML option together with CSS

Now click on the publish button in the right margin of the screen, to make it visible. In the margin of the right to publish we see more options for saving such as save as draft if we do not want to publish the page or entry we are creating.

Once created our pages and entries we have to put in the menu of the web so the user can navigate through the different pages.

Here ends our post about wordpress installation. Tomorrow we will come back with the next step of our course. If you have any doubt, please contact us without commitment.


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