What is a Progressive Web App?

Promoted by the giant Google, a Progressive Web App uses the latest technologies available in browsers to offer the user an experience on smartphones that is as similar to that of a native application but without becoming an app.

As the user builds a relationship with the app over time, it becomes more and more powerful:

  • Send relevant push notifications.
  • It has a icon on the main screen.

In other words: take your website to the usability of apps.

What characteristics do they have?

  • Visual style of an app.
  • They are suitable for all users.
  • They adapt to any screen format, form or device.
  • Safe, since it is issued via HTML to guarantee the content.
  • It will always be up to date.
  • Installable, so is preserved on the device.
  • It can be easily shared via URL.

Operating systems

We have expert programmers and computer scientists capable of working with the main operating systems on the market, Android and iOS, so your progressive web app will have no problem reaching the maximum number of users.

What can you get?

Mainly, you will achieve greater customer satisfaction, since they will have easy, simple and fast access to all your content. In addition, it is a good loyalty tool since, thanks to the notifications received like the rest of the apps, the user will be informed at all times and you will generate more interest. On the other hand, the progressive web app will serve as a differentiation tool, since the logo of your company will appear on the screen of the user's smartphone, becoming one of the options that they will take into account.

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