If you are wondering what a CRM system is, we will tell you here. CRM responds to the acronym Customer Relationship Management , or what is the same: Customer Relationship Management.
You will find many ways to define it, but simplifying, a CRM is a business tool that will be responsible, first of all, for managing the data that each of your clients generates in your company.

Second, will group this information on a single screen , so that the manager (or anyone from the company) can see all activity from his computer (insignificant as it may be) that has been carried out with each client. This will facilitate decision-making and will make customers loyal.

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What is a?CRM?

Some of the innovations that you will introduce in your company when contracting this service with us are:

  • You will have all the information of your clients centralized in a single database, being able to access in it the files of each client, their doubts, incidents, emails sent, etc.
  • You will be able to know the profitability that is obtained in each sale . Thus, you will be able to channel the effort and direct it to the clients that interest you most .
  • The information will be accessible to everyone, getting to know each member of your company to the customer from a financial, commercial and marketing perspective.
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What about me, do I need a CRM system ?

Many companies do not know the reasons why they would need a CRM system. But, what if we say that the 61% of Spanish companies have it already implemented and use it? We give you the reasons why you may also need it :

  • Each department works in a certain way independently, each one collecting different and valuable information from each client. As a result, the information is dispersed in different systems.
  • You lose a lot of time as a result of the above, every time you need to collect information from one of the clients.
  • When a change of personnel occurs, you do not know what agreements and commitments were reached with the client.

Benefits of CRM integration

Ask us to integrate your online store with a CRM system and you will get benefits such as:

  • Improve communication with your customers , thus maximizing their satisfaction and keeping them loyal.
  • By knowing perfectly their behavior and characteristics, you will be able to segment them and develop strategies adapted to the needs of each one.
  • With all the information in the same document, it will be easier for you to generate future forecasts and estimates .
  • You will increase productivity and of course, monetary results.
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