What is React?

React is an open source Javascript library.

Its purpose is to create user interfaces in order to promote the development of applications on a single page.

Created by Facebook, it is sustained thanks to them, Instagram and a community of independent developers.

What is React for?

Developing apps with React makes it easy to have web apps that fit on one page.

This is how its purpose is achieved: to offer a smoother experience to users as if it were a desktop application.

Once the app has loaded, it does not have to be reloaded as different resources are opened.

React functions


Make all kinds of web apps



Single Page Apps


Mobile apps


Make changes to the platform

Agile and simple


Introduction to scalability

What allows us to view the app in a systematic way through the Modular System Architecture


Component creation

That they fulfill specific tasks, from a button to click to a calendar

How can an app developed with React help you?

Having your own app or web page with these characteristics will offer your users a unique experience, since they will find that the content is loaded faster and more efficiently, that they do not have irrelevant information and, in addition, they will be able to share and download it. fast and safe.

If you are interested in having an application with these characteristics, you can contact us. If you are in Seville, you can stop by our office and meet us personally. We are at Calle Luis Fuentes Bejarano 60 Local A3, in Seville East

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