Development of apps with React

What is React?


React is a Javascript library of open code.

Its porpouse is create an user interface with the objetive of encourage the development of one page apps.

Produced by Facebook, it’s holding up by them, Instagram and a community of independent developers.

What is the funcion of React?


Developping apps with React makes it easier to have web apps wich fits in a page.

That’s how it gets its purpose: gives an experience more dynamic for the users as it was a desktop app.

Once the app has been loaded, it don’t have to load again while others resources are opening, that makes the search faster and dynamic.

React Functions


Makes every type of web apps.

SPA (Single Page Applications).

Movile apps.

Allows to make easier and faster changes in the platform.

Introduction to the scalability, which makes us visualise the app in a sistematical way through the Modular Sistem Architecture

Creation of simple components that achieve specific tasks, like a bottom to click and even a calendar, with every involved component.

How can Reacts developed app help you?

Having your own app or web with this characteristics will bring your users to an unique experience, because they will see that the content will load faster and more efficient, which won’t have irrelevant information and, in addition, they will share and download it easier and faster.

If you are interested in having an app with this characteristics, you can contact us. If you are in Seville, you can come to our office and meet us personally. Our address is Luis Fuentes Bejarano Street 60 Local A3, in Sevilla Este.

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