Hi everyone, welcome to Multiplicalia, experts in SEO and eCommerce design. Today we are talking about the new Marketing Campaign course that you are starting today. Keep reading!

What are you going to learn?

Our Marketing Campaign course shows you how to start and develop a successful marketing campaing on the internet. In this case, we are also focusing on the advertising and design part of the marketing. Here is a little bit of the content of the course:

Introduction and basics

You will learn the basics of the invernet enviroment, the Market Research and more. To make a successful campaign, you need to understand all the concepts first, so you don’t get lost when we (and everyone) uses them.

marketing campaign

Digital design and Graphic Production

Then we will focus on the more artistic part of the course, learning how to use designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Also is important to learn how to think creativily to make the best of your work.

marketing campaign graphic design

You will have to put your skills on practices, as you will have to create your logo and company identity, and everything that comes with it: business cards, banners, company folders and everything you would need to start your own company right from the bottom.

The real world

After learning all that, everything comes real. You will have to learn about the labour market and what you have to do to ‘sell yourself‘. We will finish with the presentation and evaluation of your marketing campaign and visiting a real advertising agency, so you can learn how everything works.

We hope you learn a lot from this course. For that, you will need to content of the whole course. You cand find it in this link:

Marketing Campaing Course content DAY 1.

Marketing Campaing Course content DAY 2.

Marketing Campaing Course content DAY 3.

Marketing Campaing Course content DAY 4.

Marketing Campaing Course content DAY 5.


Max and Oliwia 11 February, 2020

Hello, it’s our idea about a mist that removes sweat and unpleasant smell.

Kamil B. 11 February, 2020

AR app that can put on your screen in phone text or a film about things, places, buildings.

Julia Wiktoria Maja 11 February, 2020

The product was created by us to make a communication between customer and the company easier. After connecting pen to the application on your phone or computer you can change the ink color depending on your preferences. Smart Pen corrects spelling mistakes. After saving on the card, the text is ready for editing in the application. Relatively low ink consumption. The battery works up to 10 hours on one charge.
Product dedicated to supporters of traditional solutions. Is useful in everyday life and environmentally friendly because of the ecological ink.


Dorota 11 February, 2020

We are polish students on this course in Multiplicalia.
We made a survey about our own idea.
Most of people with long nails struggle to pick up coins so our idea was to create nail polish which makes it easier. It contains tiny magnets and pulls only coins so you don’t have to worry.
We will be glad if you answer few questions.


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