Hi everyone! We continue another week without the summer stop at Multiplicalia, experts in E-commerce design. Because just as the summer holidays don’t stop us, it also doesn’t stop the big technology companies, which keep updating its products, like the news in Google My Business that we are talking about today.

Great news in Google My Business

The news in Google My Business is the News in Google My Business. Don’t worry, we have not gone crazy all of a sudden, it’s just that now in GMB you can publish your news, similar to the posts that we would do on Facebook or Twitter. 

Of course, Google did want to innovate a little, which is why the news in Google My Business can be of several different types, depending on the need you have at any given time.

Google my business


They are basic posts with some information that you want to share. From a post on your blog to some news that you find interesting, or even something new about your company, this is the site for you.


You can create Facebook-style events for all Google users to see. Talks, parties, courses or any important event that you celebrate, it is best to include it here so that users who are looking for you know.

eventos en google my business


A special offers? Nothing better than sharing it on Google so that everyone knows it. This way the users looking for you in Google will be up-to-date with the promotions that you have in your store.

ofertas en google my business


We recently told you how to upload products to the Google file, but as you can see, it was still in Beta version. So that for the moment the version that seems definitive is through the News. Of course, it is still as simple and intuitive.

And for those who offers services, not products?

Do not believe for even a split second that Google has not thought of us. It has also created a new Services tab, in which we can upload them with no problems. Doing it is also quite intuitive. You are provided with sections, and within each one of them you can add the concrete elements that each service would be.

servicios en google my business

Important about the news in Google My Business

Although it seems that this will be the final version, it is still in the testing phase, as we are told by Google. That is why it is possible that some of you get everything right and others don’t. The only thing that remains: patience.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about this or any other topic, you can contact us without any problem. See you soon!

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