ERP integration with online store

Imagine carrying out all production, logistics, shipping and accounting operations from the same system. No need to use and remember countless many passwords and usernames. You will be happy to know that it does exist and it has a name! The ERP System. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This tool integrates the information coming from all different operations into the same file, allowing you to make decisions based on it in a more agile and efficient way. It’s integrated quickly and in a easy-to-understand way into your store. 

Why do you need ERP Integration?

51% of all Spanish companies use the ERP tool. There are a few reasons which will help make you realise that you need ERP Integration:

– Your company is operating in a highly competitive environment in which conditions never stop changing. Therefore, you need to be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

– Accounting, production, logistics and shipping activities are all carried out independently, each of them on their own. Which means that information about these operations are all in different files.

What does an ERP do?

– You can have all the information in real time from the same database.

– It is a tool that is divided in modules which you can hire, so you will only have to hire those that fit at the level of growth in which you are. The system adapts to your company, never the other way around.

– You can automate tasks (creating delivery notes, invoices, etc.) and dedicate the time you save to other tasks that need your attention.

– You will be able to control the product in all the processes (purchase of raw material, production, purchase, payment, delivery and shipping) taking an exhaustive follow-up of it.

Benefits of ERP Integration

Drastically eliminate the number of errors, thanks to the automation of some taks.

– A higher level of security of your data, having all the information in the same file with backup copies which are generated automatically.

– You can compare the data of each level of operations on a single screen generating future estimates, which will enable you to plan accordingly.

– Care for a greater number of clients or manufacture more products.

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