SEO Optimization for Websites and Online Shops

What is search enzine optimisation (SEO)?

SEO web positioning

It involves the improvement of visibility of a website among the results of search engines such as Google.

How SEO positioning works

Google constantly makes changes that must be taken into account for the positioning or optimisation of a website. They prevent websites from cheating to improve positions, offering the most accurate results.

What does Google require to position a website?

Quality content

You must provide quality information and content related to your subject matter.

Easy to use

With a clean and clear structure that helps users to become clients.

A quick website

Don’t make users wait. Time is valuable.

How to position or optimise your website or online shop

Analysis of key words

We analyse the keywords that are necessary to position yourself, your sector and your competition.


We optimise your website in accordance with the standards required by Google.

SEO optimised content

Web content based on the keywords. Titles, headings, service sections or product specifications for your online shop.


We create your blog and generate positioning or optimisation by creating articles we publish about your sector.

Marketing on social networks

Google particularly values the participation of websites on social networks. It is the best way to calculate the popularity of a website.

Improved positioning

We measure the results and improve the keyword and content strategy on a monthly basis.

Latest websites and online shops optimised by Multiplicalia, SEO specialist for online shops.

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