If you want to start your online business, you are looking for a simple, attractive design that adapts to all platforms. Shopify is the alternative. Its block creation system makes the design of your online store easier and more organic.

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Advantages of a Shopify online store

The ecommerce platform Shopify is not an Open Source, but it allows designs and structural changes that will make your online store a unique place on the internet.

If we add to that the free tools that the platform makes available, we have a professional and fully functional online store for all sectors.

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What else can a Shopify online store do?

Shopify allows you to carry out millimeter stock management, send newsletters, schedule reminders, etc … As if that were not enough, it includes its own marketing software, so SEO, customer segmentation, proposing effective cross-sales and much more, will be more simple and relevant.

You will not have problems in supporting a high number of requests, although everything will depend on the power of your server.

In order not to leave anyone out, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It allows payments by PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, cryptocurrencies, etc…

In addition, we design your Shopify online store with integrations

Integrations with ERP

Management tool that integrates the information from the different operations in a single platform. You will have a system adapted to your company to control movements, and not the other way around.

In addition to automating tasks, you will eliminate a large number of errors in the processes. You will also gain security for your data and that of your clients.

Integration with CRM

Business tool that is responsible for managing the data that each of your clients generates in your company. It will help you make decisions in an agile and efficient way, as well as launch loyalty strategies.

You will have within your reach the possibility of knowing the profitability of each sale, channeling marketing efforts and structuring a new strategy to achieve success.

Integrate with Amazon

Now, you can have your stock synced with Amazon. Having two sales platforms you can streamline processes and generate trust in customers.

Using the potential of Amazon, with products optimized for this platform, can help you increase the reach of your products, improve your SEO positioning and requires less management by the client. An option that will boost your sales.

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