That digital marketing has a dictionary its own of impossible words is something we all know. And that growth hacking is nowadays a constant ringing in your ears, too. Because yes, it’s the word of the moment. And because every newborn company – or a startup, in other words- is thirsty for growth hacking. In Multiplicalia, as experts in online stores, we explain what this practice consists of.

Growth Hacking

It was Sean Ellis who gave life to this term, in 2010. He defined the Growth Hacker as that person whose main objective is the growth of the startup, with few resources -that is to say a very poor investment- and an extra dose of creativity . The perfect mix between technical knowledge, analytical knowledge and innovation. The result? Its own place in the markets where, in terms of conventional advertising, the giants eat the little ones.

How to impact with Growth Hacking?

Member Get Member or Referral Program

Or, in other words, what has always been the classic «invite a friend and we offer you such a reward or this one». Basically, this is an extension of your customer base with a much lower cost. The key: use consumers who are already faithful to your brand.

This cloud file hosting service offered free additional space to anyone who would invite a friend to use their platform. As a result: a growth of 100,000 to 4,000,000 users in just 15 months. Growth Hacking DropBox

Love for free whatever

We all love to receive gifts. Therefore, offer a free product or service is a great way to achieve more traffic to the web, more impact and greater followers, after all.

This company offers a live chat software oriented to the customer service section of companies. Use the «test» technique and if you do not like it, do not buy it. That is, it offers a free demo so that your potential customers can test your product before buying it. And hold on, because with this technique the brand has achieved more than 40% of subscribers to its website.

Growth Hacking UserLike

Visual Content or the Art of the BOOM

That is, creating viral content. This happens, in most cases, for creating visual content. This will be a cheap and simple way to significantly boost traffic to your website.


The famous French cosmetic company offers tutorials to anyone who wants to be up to date with the new makeup trends. The efficiency of these videos is assured. Do the test yourself and ask your relatives about the knowledge or not of these. The result will surprise you.

Growth Hacking

Still, we warn you. Growth hacking is a way of thinking rather than acting . As it is popularly said, «everyone is from his father and his mother.» And to the business world, that saying fits like a glove. Think about how your company is, where you want to go and to whom. From there, unleash your creativity!

We hope we have clarified your doubts with this post. If not, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. See you next Monday!

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