Good morning, Multipliers! You already know that at Multiplicalia, in addition to being experts in E-Commerce design, we manage social networks of our clients and get their profiles to grow. Today we are going to talk about LinkedIn Ads and whether it is worth it or not to advertise on this platform.

LinkedIn Ads, the ads for the most professional profiles

In case anyone did not know yet, LinkedIn is one of the most used social networks worldwide, in addition to being focused on professional profiles and job search, both by companies and individuals.

There are about 303 million users who remain active on LinkedIn in the more than 200 countries in which they operate.

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Advantages of advertising on LinkedIn

Segment in a detailed way

The LinkedIn Ads platform, LinkedIn’s own ad, has an advantage over other social networks, which is that users are willing to give their personal and work data. This allows you to segment at a very deep level:

  • By age
  • By sex
  • By sector
  • By location
  • By studies
  • Byposition
  • By years of experience
  • By years of seniority in a position
  • By skills
  • By group memberships within LinkedIn

Very precise metrics

Another advantage of using LinkedIn Ads for our ad campaigns is that it allows us to measure the results with great precision. This way we do not go blind when deciding what to do with the campaign and the strategy to follow.

The best for companies

Advertising on LinkedIn Ads is very effective for B2B companies. So much so that the managers of LinkedIn say that 80% of the leads obtained by B2B companies do so through their social network.

It is clear that the essence of LinkedIn makes it ideal for this type of strategy, since we have a segmentation tool available that surpasses any other database, even Facebook.

linkedin ads para b2b

Effective in the luxury sector

When you are a luxury brand, such as Rolex or Jeep, your target is reduced and focused on people with a high purchasing power.

Thanks to the great capacity of segmentation of LinkedIn Ads, we can reach this group accurately and without wasting our time and investment, showing ads to this specific audience.

With high budgets, these brands have managed to make room in LinkedIn Ads with very profitable campaigns, even as B2C type.

As for disadvantages, it should be emphasized that for a campaign to be effective a very high investment is needed, since the CTR, as a general rule in the platform is low (0.05%), the minimum CPC is €2 (much higher than any other ad platform).

Therefore, it is an ad platform destined, at the moment, to companies with a high available capital.

We hope this information has been useful for you. For any information regarding advertising on the internet, social media management or E-Commerce design, do not hesitate to contact us. Until the next post!


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